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Little Skyline Ride
Little Skyline Ride

   When we went to Wyoming we went to a ranch. It was called the  7D ranch.   It was so cool because we went fly fishing and horseback riding and  hiking and playing with the native dogs. (wrangler’s dogs)  All we had to drink was lemonade and water; they could have thrown in some soda.  Good thing  the lemonade was so addicting!   Good thing they had no TV’s because I would have been all over them.  They had a ping pong table and fishing stuff and they had bears around the area.  They have to carry bear spray where ever they go.

   I had two horses, Luke and Blaze.  Luke did not like me so I got Blaze and I loved him.  The problem with Luke is I told him to go right and he went left, I told him to go forward and he went backward.  We  went on 3 trips: Memorial 1:30 minutes, Brunch Ride 30 minutes, Little Skyline 2 hours.  We had an awesome brunch with eggs, sausage, juice and rolls . This trip was so awesome I want to come back next year!!!!

Skipping stones in the creek next to the ranch.

Skipping stones in the creek next to the ranch


Hike to Sheepeater Indians Caves

Hike to Sheepeater Indians Caves














The view from behind!

The view from behind!

Mmmm Cowboy Breakfast!

Mmmm Cowboy Breakfast!
















Sept. 003Sept. 002TO: Mrs.Oeding

 Although I’ve known you  for only one year you have ranked a score of  a D-. No,  just kidding, an A++++. You also ranked #1 on my teacher list. You made me want to come to school but now school’s done so that’s bad.  Now it’s summer and every weekday morning I get up and say “I’m ready for school!” and then I’m like “Oh yeah,  it’s summer,  shoot!”

That’s how fun you are. Some people think you get mean at times but I don’t because I know they’re being bad and you’re trying to set them straight.  (Of course, that was never me!)

All and all, you’re the best teacher ever!  I hope I get you next year at WHMS.

 Sept. 001


Your Favorite Student,




                                            By Trevor Perry


          Have you ever wondered what is very bad for you? Well sit down

and listen about what I learned about in DARE and what you should stay

 away from. There’s many things that can kill you such as car crashes,

 smoking and drugs. You want to stay away from those so you can live a

 lot longer. Also so you don’t make your parents angry.

 My least favorite thing in the world  is marijuana. It can kill you

  quicker  than cigarettes. You also can get addicted to it faster. It will

 also kill almost all your brain cells. Marijuana has more tar than

 cigarettes have. Seriously, don’t do it. It will MESS YOU UP. Marijuana is

 also illegal to anyone in the United States.

 The next thing I’m going to talk about is alcohol. Alcohol is illegal to

 anybody whom is under 21 years of age. Drinking alcohol can affect the

 way you perform in school. The person drinking the alcohol is not the only

 person being affected by the alcohol. You can affect other people on the

 road or hurt your family.

 Do you see what can and might happen to you ( if you do any of those

 things of course)? No matter what it is; drugs, marijuana or smoking or

 any other bad thing, don’t do it. It will mess you up mentally  by making you

think you are more cool but you’re not. I think the D.A.R.E.program helped

me understand what to stay away from and what not to do.



Franz Liszt
By: Trevor Perry

      Franz Liszt was born in Doborjan, Hungary in 1811.

 At the age of six, Franz and his family moved to Vienna,

Austria. He loved music at a very young age. Franz was

 taught the art of music by Carl Czerny. He

 attended the school for only one year. 
     He was famous because his music back then was to the

population like a rock star’s music today. Liszt had many

compositions such as Mephisto Waltzers, la Campanella,

Reminiscences De Don Juan and Trios Etudes De Concert. 

The music that they had back then was more popular than

what we have now.

     Liszt loved the piano; especially playing it at events

 like fairs and recitals where girls fainted in his

presence. Liszt never got married or even had a

girlfriend or a family of his own.

     He is well known for using chromaticison. It’s a technique

inspiring the primary diatonic pitches and cords with other

pitches of the chromatic scale. A chromatic note is one

which does not belong to the scale of the key prevailing at

 the time.

     Liszt died of old age in 1886 at the age of 75. He left the

world some very VERY good songs that we still know as




 A week or so ago we took a trip to the best, finest dog park ever.  It was very clean but muddy (of course).  That’s where Comet met ‘The One’.  She was a 8 month old puggle.  She was cuter than Comet! 

This is Mia.

This is Mia.


 They loved each other so fast. 

Puppy Love

Puppy Love


The funny thing was Comet was so jealous of her.  He had to run as fast as he could to keep up with her.  The other dog’s name is Mia.  She is such a sweetheart.  I know we’re going to see the dog and owner again.


Comet to the rescue!


p1040815aComet fights the three thugs pugs!













     Last summer we went on a camping trip. My dad and Robby were complaining we were running out of drinking water. My mom and I went out on the lake with a water filter. I went to the middle of the canoe to pump water with the water filter. I leaned over to one side.  Bad choice!  Two seconds later we were in the water. 😦    We had to swim back about 150 feet back to camp.  The reason it happened is we didn’t keep our weight in the middle of the canoe. 

photos-580aTip: Don’t stand in the middle of a canoe and lean over. I learned the hard way.


Note to all viewers: Don’t go camping unless you really like it. People say it’s fun but it’s so boring just sitting there carving a wooden spear!

Whittling a spear and coaxing a fire.

Whittling a spear and coaxing a fire.

Finally they let me read the map while dad pumps water!

Finally they let me read the map while dad pumps water!


      One week ago I got  another new whip but it’s better than the other ones.  My old whip is a 4 plait braid.  My new whip is a 8 plait braid. The old one doesn’t have a wrist loop but the new one does.  The new whip is heavier than the other one so it’s much easier to control.  And I didn’t have to buy it, it was about $260.
      I earned the whip by blowing out a candle with my whip 3 times in a row.  I did it 3 separate times.  I had to search for 2 weeks before we decided to email a guy named Adam Winrich and ask for his advice on what whip to buy.  I call him Adam Whiprich.  He’s a whip artist.  He set a Guiness World Record for how many cracks in one minute.  That record is 253.  I want him to give me private lessons in the summer!

Assembling the wig

Assembling the wig

The ponytail
The ponytail
Side View
Side View
The full outfit!
The full outfit!

My class and the other fifth grade classes are doing a colonial fair.  I had to make a wig for it. We had to try TWO TIMES before it worked. The second time it took us half an hour to make it.  I have never stood in one spot for that long!

 You make the wig out of tights and quilt batting. It was fun making it because I didn’t have to do anything.  We didn’t really want to do it so we went to Bartz Party Store to look for a wig but the store was closed so we had to suck it up and make one.  And it turned out pretty good.  I will add pictures of it soon…


 My dad and I are rebuilding a 1970 Camaro some time. We’ve been looking on eBay motors. We found one but were not sure if we want it yet. It has just enough work for us to do in two summers. We have to put new carpet in and get new seats and a new paint job and the engine needs rebuilding.

When I’m 16 it’s going to be my car. I said we should rebuild a Corvette. I should have thought more.  He had a Camaro when he was younger.  He had a bumble bee Camaro like the one in the Transformers movie. He always had to park on a hill and let the car roll and pop the clutch to get it started!